Workshop: Accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions

Workshop: Accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions

New dates: November 27th and 29th, 2019

Individuals who have well-formed and clearly defined outcomes in mind are the most successful at what they do.

Our brains are capable of imagining a future project and mentally creating a target of what we wish to accomplish. Our “internal representation” of a goal can favour or disfavour our ability to accomplish the goal.

During this workshop, we will learn about:

  1. The Wheel of Life and how to balance different demands
  2. NLP Goal Setting technique and the steps to take when creating well-formed outcomes
  3. How to align the required resources and contexts in order to achieve your desired outcomes

This course includes a 50% discount for an optional 1-hour one-on-one follow-up  Coaching session with Cristina Cury.

Imagine how it would feel to look back next December and realize that you have accomplished all of your goals and more!


INSTRUCTOR    Cristina Cury


Founder and Partner of Mandarina Consulting and Training, Coach, Trainer and NLP Instructor

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“It was an excellent experience. I learned a lot of tools that I’ll use for life.” (Alessandra Vinhas)

“Mandarina’s “Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions” Workshop was a great investment of my time and money. I left, after 4 very enjoyable hours, with a clear plan to outline my goals for 2018. Although I have the habit of writing down my plans at the end of each year, now I have a better and more effective model, one that’s proven to lead to success. I’m excited about the year ahead and everything that I can accomplish!” (Lili Vieira de Carvalho)

“Interesting content with an interesting group. I really enjoyed the workshop and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be more assertive with their own goals.” (Miriam Homem de Mello)

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