Customer Experience

Service excellence is built through small details, and great attitude throughout the process of relationship with the client, from the moment of prospecting to the time loyalty is built.

Mandarina analises your business, identifies opportunities and works for hands with you in creating and implementing actions to enhance our customer experience.

Planning and Start-ups

Mandarina takes care of every step to transform a desired concept into an operation. We will support you in transforming your ideas into a concept and this concept into a concrete operation. We design your brand, work with your architects to ensure the blueprints favour an optimized operation and great customer experience, create service standards and procedures and help you to build and train a great team to bring the concept to life.

Planning is fundamental for a new business’ success.

Intervention in Mature Operations

In order to remain competitive in this dynamic environment, even companies with mature operations must always be willing to produce innovation.

Whether you need an extension of your arms, or just can’t seem to find a good solution for a challenge, we are ready to work on punctual and long-lasting projects and assist you in solving problems, creating innovation and reaching your goals.


Consulting and training walk hand in hand for successful projects. This is why you will find that we offer training modules that are related to the consulting modules we offer.

The client knows their business best. That is why we work four hands to find customized solutions that can be successfully implemented and generate effective results.

Would you like to review your processes?
We implement processes and train your team.

Bestselling consulting modules:

  • Customer experience diagnosis and enhancement action plan
  • Design of service standards and procedures
  • Development and optimization of processes to enhance customer experience excellence
  • Analysis of blueprints and advice to the architect for an optimized operation and excellent customer experience
  • Customer recognition programs
  • Development of effective internal communication processes
  • Implementing productive meeting processes
  • Team re-modeling: chain of command, job descriptions and responsibilities
  • Development of of behaviour based interviewing processes
  • Designing feedback and performance review processes
  • Implementing succession planning and internal promotion processes
  • Development of up-selling programs
  • Integrating sales and operations
  • Development of content for training sessions and speeches
  • Individual training for facilitators and presenters
  • Graphic design, high-impact presentations, corporate identity and branding

Consult us for other desired topics.