Life Coaching

It always stroke me as a weird idea to think that someone could coach someone else to improve life! The thought that the coach would consider himself as someone who knows more about life than the client sounded arrogant, and far from what I have as my core values. Until I took my first coaching course… this was when I understood how beautiful the process is.

In a Life Coaching process, the coach is an instrument of the client’s development. The coach will act as a very committed partner, as a facilitator, as someone who takes the humbled attitude of a person who knows absolutely nothing about the client’s life, and goes through the entire process doing one sole thing: asking questions and listening carefully. A great coach will be able to choose the most powerful questions, at the right moment as to generate deep insight to the client. In answering to these questions,  the client will always find the answers that will bring the best results and impact for him or herself.

And I found this so beautiful… to be able to make myself fully available and to become someone’s instrument so that this person can reach for the stars. It just sounded like music to my ears and it still does. So here I am.

What is Life Coaching

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Life Coaching is intended to increase the quality in one or more areas of life, such as emotional, career, finance, family, social, intimate relationships, physical and health, spiritual, leisure, or intellectual development.

In Life Coaching, we see life as a spinning wheel. Each part of this wheel is an area of life. In order for it to spin smoothly, there needs to be balance between these life areas. Life coaching helps the client to learn several tools to keep these areas balanced, so that life is fluid, light and happy.

Who can profit from Life Coaching

Life Coaching is intended to those who are willing to give their best, and to experience the best of who they can be in each area of life.

As we grow through life, some areas are better taken care of, while others may be left aside for a while. The Life Coaching process will assist clients in significantly improving areas of life that might need attention, while keeping the other areas at high quality.

Life Coaching Process

A Life Coaching process will go through a few different phases, so that the client has enough resources to excel and generate great results. Some of these phases are listed below.

  • Energy boost
  • Creating space for the new
  • Abundance and extreme self-care
  • Evaluation and building a foundation
  • Goal setting
  • Strategy and action plans
  • Implementation
  • Transformation
  • Consolidation

Once this cycle is complete, the client may choose to continue with maintenance sessions, or to finalize the process.

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“I worked with Cristina to release some limiting beliefs that were holding me back in many aspects of my life. After working with Cristina, I was able to let them go and have felt so much more free and confident! I loved working with her. She is caring, kind and understanding. She also made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Cristina 100%.”
(Laura H.)


“In order to deal with very punctual professional challenges, I took coaching sessions with Cristina Cury. Among various other tools, Cristina utilized Time Line Therapy ™, so that I could identify and overcome limiting beliefs that were imposed to me in the past – often more than remote – by emotions experienced back then.

The experience was exciting because it led me to situations from which I remembered little or nothing. It brought me the perception of emotions and feelings experienced in those opportunities, for which repetition no longer made sense.

This therapy was an effective self-knowledge exercise for me because it invited me to re-evaluate how adequate or suitable several behaviors are today, based on those limiting beliefs. Cristina’s caring, careful and competent way of conducting the process made it a worthwhile experience.”
(Isadora Dias Munhoz)


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