Executive Coaching

Many times, while working in corporations and leading people, I was faced with incredible professionals, extremely resourceful who had something stopping them from progressing in their careers. Some of them knew exactly what it was. Others had no idea. Quite a few were doubting themselves and asking themselves if they were really good enough.

It is virtually impossible to be born with a complete toolbox of executive talents. Life is a constant work in progress, where we are continuously striving to overcome our challenges and grow new muscles. And for that… there is Executive Coaching!

Who can profit from Executive Coaching

Those seeking for the development of competencies that will impact immediately their professional performance will certainly profit from Executive Coaching.

Source: Alloy.com

Regardless of weather if you know what is holding you back, or if you have no idea, your coach will guide you through all of the necessary steps so that you can find relevant, meaningful, transformative learning and development, and feel prepared to go after your highest dreams.

Executive Coaching Process

  • Assessment and identification of areas to be developed
  • Goal setting
  • Strategy and action plans
  • Implementation
  • Transformation
  • Consolidation

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“A few years ago I had the pleasure and honor to have Cristina as my executive coach.
At that time I was struggling in a new job, new challenges as a fresh leader and no support system.
Cristina first helped me to understand how to prioritize and organize all the tasks and projects and also to train and engage my new team.
With only 6 sessions I could see a lot better the big picture and was back on track so we decided to work in new tasks.
This time we worked with learning when to trust x when to check when delegating tasks to my team and how to keep focused, despite working in a very loud, moved environment.
Now after 9 sessions I was sharp and ready for all the challenges to come. It really helped me a lot with my self confidence and to know myself as a leader.
Cristina is really patient and observative and her ability to ask the right question was always key to my development.
Since then, I have been promoted 3 times and I am very happy with the impact this process had on my development, so I could reach my career goals.
I highly recommend the executive coach with Cristina to walk beside you in any moment of your career.” (Gabriella Giacomini)