Coaching with NLP

Are you stuck? Neuro-linguistic programming offers amazing tools to deal with punctual challenges quickly and effectively.

With just a few, sometimes a couple, or even a single session, we can help you in moving forward.

Presence Coaching – free yourself from limiting beliefs about you, others, the future or the past, which might be holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

Time-line Therapy ® – created by Dr. Tad James, this technique will help you learn from negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Once the process is over, you will experience a much higher level of inner peace and empowerment.

Coaching with NLP – with just a few sessions, I can help you overcome the difficulty in making decisions, building resilience when life gets tough, transformed unwanted behaviours into more desired ones, getting rid of fobias, finding what’s holding you back from moving forward with a goal or dream, amongst many other issues.

Who can profit from Coaching with NLP?

Coaching with NLP is intended to those who are feeling stuck, or experiencing unwarranted emotions, undesirable behaviours, doubts or anxiety.

Coaching is not therapy, and therefore, I do not treat mental health issues. If you are in doubt, I will help you define if I am the right professional to support you.

Coaching with NLP process

The process can sometimes last just 1 session – nano-coaching – or just a few – micro-coaching. The phases, regardless of the length, are:

  • Mapping and understanding your current state – where are you?
  • Mapping and understanding your desired state – where do you want to get?
  • Ecology check – assuring that the change is truly desired and will be positive
  • Applying techniques to get you there
  • Future pacing – looking at how it will look like after the change, moving forward

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