Career Coaching

We all go through moments in our careers where we wish someone could tell us what to do… sometimes, it is about choosing weather or not to accept a new position, others it has to do with completely changing the course of our careers… and we don’t know exactly how, or where we wish to end up.

The Career Coaching process was beautifully designed to bring clarity, certainty and direction to those who wish to make such decisions.

During a Career Coaching process, the coach will facilitate the client’s process by asking questions and bringing exercises that generate deep reflection, providing the client of a clear understanding of what is truly important to set him or her up for success in achieving goals and job satisfaction.


This process will investigate, bring direction, consciousness, align client’s values and purpose with the possible career paths and choices.

Who can profit from Career Coaching

Career Coaching is intended for those who wish to find fulfillment in their careers by aligning their passion, talents and motivators in the pursuit of a sense of purpose. It’s indented for those who seek support to find their own answers.

Career Coaching Process

During this process we will go into a deep self-discovery process, until we can clearly outline goals and set an action plan to achieve them.

  • Energy Boost
  • Creating space for the new
  • Abundance and extreme self-care
  • Investigation and goal-setting
  • Competence development
  • Evaluation of career options
  • Market investigation
  • Decision and action plan

Many times mid-way through the process, the client has such a clear image that changes start to be implemented. This is a very powerful tool, that brings amazing results for the clients. It is very rewarding for me as a coach to witness my clients growing strong wings and flying.

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