I am a firm believer that a person can always learn something and is always able to share something they know when interacting with another person. And this is fascinating. Since the early years of my career, it was obvious to me that one of my strongest passions was to be able to contribute with people development.


When I took my very first Coaching course, I knew I had found something very powerful and the coaching practice became very special in my professional life. To me, it is pure magic to see my clients gain clarity, strength, motivation, and get closer to their wildest dreams and goals, while I have the honour of facilitating this process and sharing with them moments of joy and accomplishment.

I now have several certifications in Coaching, including Life, Executive and Career Coaching. Weather if you wish to be the agent for the change you want to see in the quality of one or more areas of your life, or if you want to excel in a competence that you feel you lack, or if you just want to have clarity of where you want to go with your career, I am here to guide you through this beautiful path.

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“Cristina is an excellent professional with a huge heart that welcomed me with open arms in a moment where all I could see was darkness. During the Coaching process, I managed to recover my self-esteem and to open the path for the new and for the old in my life. Sometimes, answers are closer than we imagine. All we need is a little push to stop spinning around and around.”

Janaina Faertes – Creative

“I am deeply grateful for the Coaching Process that I went through with Cristina Cury. It helped me immensely with my internal processes.
I was able to clarify ideas, expand possibilities, plan actions, deepen knowledge about my self and the world.
All the tools she used made sense to me.
Thank you for expanding my ability to act in my life. I feel a better person.”

Paula Cury – Educator

“My experience with the coaching process conducted by Cris was a special opportunity in my life: it allowed me to unplug the auto-pilot, to slow down and activate the self-perception and self-knowledge modes, thus paying attention and doing what really makes sense for me!

At first, I was very anxious because I needed novelty and change and I had a huge desire to make movement to what seemed stagnant in my life. I feared contact with the unknown and experienced insecurity in fulfilling each proposed exercise. What would come out of there? However, through the techniques and tools worked on in the process, I was able to experience simple and inspiring (re)discoveries, to revisit concepts, memories and values ​​that brought me to the present and made me face my frailties and strengths. Working all this information is a matter of time.

The movement that coaching brought to me in the day-to-day made that initial anxiety gradually dissipate, untied knots, and (re)established internal and external connections. At the same time, I realized that maturing my own questions became more important to understand that the answers are already inside me. I just needed to know how to access them, and Cris can guide us through all this with great competence, empathy, generosity and patience!

I leave energized, empowered and with much motivation to carry out my own projects, contribute to this world and tell my stories. Thank you Cris!”

Rosana M.

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