.Coaching – Isadora Dias Munhoz

“In order to deal with very punctual professional challenges, I took coaching sessions with Cristina Cury. Among various other tools, Cristina utilized Time Line Therapy ™, so that I could identify and overcome limiting beliefs that were imposed to me in the past – often more than remote – by emotions experienced back then.

The experience was exciting because it led me to situations from which I remembered little or nothing. It brought me the perception of emotions and feelings experienced in those opportunities, for which repetition no longer made sense.

This therapy was an effective self-knowledge exercise for me because it invited me to re-evaluate how adequate or suitable several behaviors are today, based on those limiting beliefs. Cristina’s caring, careful and competent way of conducting the process made it a worthwhile experience.”

Isadora Dias Munhoz – Lawyer

.Coaching – Laura H.

“I worked with Cristina to release some limiting beliefs that were holding me back in many aspects of my life. After working with Cristina, I was able to let them go and have felt so much more free and confident! I loved working with her. She is caring, kind and understanding. She also made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Cristina 100%.”

Laura H. – Entrepreneur

Adega Santiago

“Thank you for having provided us with very productive situations. The activities fit perfectly with our needs and you were able to motivate us to become better and happier professionals.”

Luzia Andreya – HR and Finace Manager – Adega Santiago

“The quality of Mandarina’s services is excellent. Both Camilla and Bianca are exceptional when it comes to the information they offer, in addition to being extremely approachable and versatile.”

Luzia Andreya da Silva Ramos – HR Manager – Adega Santiago


“Mandarina’s team was essencial for our project’s success. Right from the first contact, they caused a great impression and the certainty that we were dealing with a well prepared group of professionals, whose focus is to reach and obtain the maximum amount of cooperation out of our teams. We are absolutely certain that we took an important step both in quality and excellence when it comes to the services we offer to our clients.”

Anastacia Mascarenhas – Service Coordinator / Barbosa Müsnich Aragao

Eye Clinic Dr. Moacir Cunha

“Mandarina is an example when it comes to excellence, commitment and dedication to the proposed project. The team exercizes great clarity while delivering tasks and passes the best customer service practices to the team, while suggesting routines that generate an enriched customer experience.”

Kika Saldanha – Operations Manager – Dr. Moacir Cunha Eye Clinic


“Mandarina has performed an extremely professional work, exceeding the initial expectations and effectively altering the department’s image as perceived by the clients, implementing differentiated services and engaging the team.

Thank you very much!”

Eunice Rios Guimaraes Batista – Director of Human Resources


Dürr Brazil

“It was very rewarding to work with Mandarina on the Global Customer Excellence program. They are extremely professional, very detail oriented, always listening carefully to the client and their needs, raising important discussions and insights in the classroom and offering dynamic and practical training sessions. Mandarina stands out from others in their market, because they are worried with quality and the final result of the project, instead of simply delivering a shelf product and receiving money for it. I honestly recommend Mandarina to development programs.”

Carla Picolli – Human Resources – Dürr Brazil

Petrossian Iguatemi

“Mandarina’s service to Petrossian was one of the most fundamental decisions we took in our company to this point, in our 3 years of operations, considering both stores. I was extremely satisfied with both the restructuring of our first store and the development for the opening of our second store. Service is impecable, the team is incredible, committed to our brand, and they are 100% present until everything runs smoothly. The Staff Interviewing Training Program and Job Fair are well worth being a part of.

I learned a lot during every step of the project. Cris Cury is extremely competent and she really knows about “making things happen” in a way that all remains in control after the project is over. I am very thankful for everything.”

Patricia Abdalla – Owner