Eye Clinic Dr. Moacir Cunha

“Mandarina is an example when it comes to excellence, commitment and dedication to the proposed project. The team exercizes great clarity while delivering tasks and passes the best customer service practices to the team, while suggesting routines that generate an enriched customer experience.”

Kika Saldanha – Operations Manager – Dr. Moacir Cunha Eye Clinic



“Mandarina has performed an extremely professional work, exceeding the initial expectations and effectively altering the department’s image as perceived by the clients, implementing differentiated services and engaging the team.

Thank you very much!”

Eunice Rios Guimaraes Batista – Director of Human Resources


DĂŒrr Brazil

“It was very rewarding to work with Mandarina on the Global Customer Excellence program. They are extremely professional, very detail oriented, always listening carefully to the client and their needs, raising important discussions and insights in the classroom and offering dynamic and practical training sessions. Mandarina stands out from others in their market, because they are worried with quality and the final result of the project, instead of simply delivering a shelf product and receiving money for it. I honestly recommend Mandarina to development programs.”

Carla Picolli – Human Resources / Dürr


Petrossian Iguatemi

“Mandarina’s service to Petrossian was one of the most fundamental decisions we took in our company to this point, in our 3 years of operations, considering both stores. I was extremely satisfied with both the restructuring of our first store and the development for the opening of our second store. Service is impecable, the team is incredible, committed to our brand, and they are 100% present until everything runs smoothly. The Staff Interviewing Training Program and Job Fair are well worth being a part of.

I learned a lot during every step of the project. Cris Cury is extremely competent and she really knows about “making things happen” in a way that all remains in control after the project is over. I am very thankful for everything.”

Patricia Abdalla / Owner

Botanique Hotel & Spa

“Dear Cris:

A year after you finished your project with us, we would like to register that you were of great value for making a complex and sophisticated project stand, which now became the hotel with the most prizes in the history of Brazilian hotels. May this be a new phase for the Brazilian Hotel Industry’s self-esteem.”

Fernanda Ralston Semler / Owner


Shopping Cidade Jardim

“The behavior change was noticeable on our team’s day to day. Thank you, Mandarina Team, for showing a real ‘power’ when it comes to training.”

FĂĄbio Augusto dos Santos / Guest Services Supervisor



“As Demarest’s Branding Project unfolds, we decided to undergo a cultural change in regards to the way our clients are served, overall for the reception desks, pantries and kitchen. For that, we trusted Mandarina, a company recognized in our market, with the mission of promoting the necessary change.

The process included a diagnosis, improvement propositions, and implementing of betterment measures that included organizational culture and reorganization of daily activities. After the work done by Mandarina, our teams are more confident, motivated and engaged. And this new behavior reflects positively on their day-to-day activities.”

Christiane Michaela Balluff / Marketing Director


Magic Village Resort

“One the best decisions we made for the Magic Village Resort, was hiring Mandarina Consulting to help us from the conception of the resort services to the formatting of resort operations. The whole team is spectacular, experienced, serious, focused and extremely committed. Mandarina’s impeccable work greatly exceeded our expectations.

Congratulations, Cris, for your professionalism and thank you very much for all your dedication to our project.”

Fábio Cardoso / General Manager – CND Homes


InterContinental Sao Paulo Hotel

“As hoteliers, the trainers were able to speak our team’s language, and for having knowledge of our reality, they could bring not only examples, but tips that are easy to put into practice.

There was a great balance between examples and activities tailored towards the group, as we had built very heterogeneous groups for the training sessions.”

Carolina Febronio / Front Office Manager