.Coaching – Rosana M

“My experience with the coaching process conducted by Cris was a special opportunity in my life: it allowed me to unplug the auto-pilot, to slow down and activate the self-perception and self-knowledge modes, thus paying attention and doing what really makes sense for me!

At first, I was very anxious because I needed novelty and change and I had a huge desire to make movement to what seemed stagnant in my life. I feared contact with the unknown and experienced insecurity in fulfilling each proposed exercise. What would come out of there? However, through the techniques and tools worked on in the process, I was able to experience simple and inspiring (re)discoveries, to revisit concepts, memories and values ​​that brought me to the present and made me face my frailties and strengths. Working all this information is a matter of time.

The movement that coaching brought to me in the day-to-day made that initial anxiety gradually dissipate, untied knots, and (re)established internal and external connections. At the same time, I realized that maturing my own questions became more important to understand that the answers are already inside me. I just needed to know how to access them, and Cris can guide us through all this with great competence, empathy, generosity and patience!

I leave energized, empowered and with much motivation to carry out my own projects, contribute to this world and tell my stories. Thank you Cris!”

Rosana M.