.Coaching – Natalie Rossiter

Cristina are an incredible person to work with. 

Her empathy, patience, listening, friendliness, true willingness to help and genuine care for others are a few qualities that make a difference. Cristina’s positive energy is infectious.

She is patient, yet very clear when going through the programme. Cristina keeps everything on track but recognizes the bigger underlying issues that cause the original problem.

Her skills to help people open-up are undeniable.

Throughout the one-on-one training sessions, which I took in addition to the Coaching process, her input was always based on knowledge of human actions and communications. Her background and experience helps others to relate to their own situations.

Her experience in customer service environment, having dealt with similar issues and objectives shows authenticity when working through problems. Her real life stories and journey helps when using examples to show authenticity.

Cristina has made a significant difference in my personal and career life, and I will be always grateful. I will continue to work with Cristina for as long as I can, and would highly recommend her to any of my friends or colleagues.

Natalie Rossiter – Sales