.Coaching – Fernanda Freitas

“When I decided to go through a coaching process with Cristina, I was in a very ‘confusing’ moment in my life.

I wanted to do something new, I knew it had no synergy to my academic education, but I had no idea of what I wanted. I was completely lost!

I started the coaching process and at each session, it seemed that a little light would come on and little by little, I started to see things that I could not see before. From skills that I had, to things that I liked, but had never considered doing.

Cristina, very carefully, helped me along the way to get to know myself better and to connect with my own essence. The home assignments that she proposed were very important to help me with this process.

After a few sessions, things were clearer than ever. I decided to take a post-graduate course in my new area and today, 3 years after the coaching process, I have my work dream completely accomplished and very aligned with the criteria that we established during the sessions.

I feel very grateful for having done this coaching process and extremely happy for having chosen Cristina to drive it. I could not have made a better choice.

My eternal gratitude to you, Cristina!”

Fernanda Freitas – Entrepreneur