“I went into this program with some reservations about how effective it would be. After my first session with Cristina I felt I had preemptively judged and, after continued sessions, can admit that was wrong. By the end of the process I felt valuable knowledge and change had been achieved. Would recommend Cristina to anyone willing to put in the effort to better themselves.”

Development Manager

RED Academy – Kamila Suchomel

“Thanks so much for doing the workshop for us, I really enjoyed it! 

I really liked the element of your workshop where we had to consider the context of our goals as well as the ecology and how this might cause us to subconsciously procrastinate when it comes to achieving them, and how mapping all this out might actually show us that we don’t want the goal and we can let it go / find alternatives and therefore feel more satisfied with life.”

Kamila Suchomel – RED Academy

Well-Formed Goals Workshop

Canucks Intercambio – Cassandra Sicuro

“It was an amazing process, with gradual growth both personally and collectively.

Over time the team connected in ways we never expected and together we created solutions and suggestions for improvement.

I am sure that the training will yield great fruit for professional and interpersonal development, and especially, as a way of generating collaboration and greater involvement of the team with the company.”

I can only thank this opportunity!”

Cassandra Sicuro – Marketing



“When I started the professional coaching process, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went to Cris because I always heard from friends how admirable she was, either for her professionalism and dedication or for the friendly and inspiring person she is.

I was going through a lot of personal change and decided to devote myself to every exercise, every conversation, every reflection. The resolution was totally unexpected.

I rediscovered more latent personal desires than professional desires, and we went a long way to come up with a plan of action that was most interesting to me in a very respectful and empathic way.

Thank you Cris for all the support and attention!”

Sales Executive

.Coaching – Luiz Abdo

“Cristina is just amazing! She is very compassionate and supportive. She really listens and takes all struggles with respect. 
Besides all Cristina is an awesome listener and always comes with interesting questions that truly made me think and find my answers. I can not express how happy I was with the process but can say that she still my coach now after finishing the process. Best decision I made. Life changing.”

Luiz Abdo – Resident Manager

.Coaching – Haywon Kim

“I’ve worked with Cristina about 2 years now and she is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is a great listener and cutting corners doesn’t work under her leadership. We laugh, we get serious, we brainstorm, and she is everywhere along the way by my side at places where she’s exactly needed at all the corners for my growth asking those crucial questions that must be answered by myself. She has become one of my strongest support systems and I treasure every minute with her. You ROCK my world :)”

Haywon Kim – Hospitality

Van Sweet Home

“The decision to hire a skilled company like Mandarina was made after identifying knowledge gaps and motivated by the natural movement of the company’s evolution.

After a few content alignment meetings, about what would be proposed to the team, my impression was the best possible and aligned the expectations with the future delivery. After the training sessions and maintenance sessions that followed it, we were able to confirm how valuable Mandarina’s support was to our organization.”

Diego Gomes – Founder and CEO


.Coaching – Edi Lima

“My name is Edi Lima and I am an Executive Assistant. I had never thought of going through a coaching process, but I met Cristina Cury and started to take the sessions with her. I was then sure of how effective the process is. 

Cris’s approach surprised me because she was able to explore important points in me that I was aware of but never knew how to improve and deal with properly. I understood that the answers are within each of us, but that coaching guidance helps us choose the best path. 

I began to question myself more, position myself in a more polite, delicate way, better manage my anxiety and expectation.

The coaching process with Cris was very rich, I am very grateful for the affection, patience and understanding. Congratulations for your work!”

Edi Lima – Executive Assistant

.Coaching – Paula Cury

“I am deeply grateful for the Coaching Process that I went through with Cristina Cury. It helped me immensely with my internal processes.

I was able to clarify ideas, expand possibilities, plan actions, deepen knowledge about my self and the world.

All the tools she used made sense to me.

Thank you for expanding my ability to act in my life. I feel a better person.”

Paula Cury – Educator