A Few Themes and Topics


Mandarina understands that communication is the basis for healthy relationships inside and outside the company, at all levels, with internal and external clients.


Excellent communication allows problem solving and overcoming crisis and conflict situations in a fluid pleasant manner.

Teams that communicate with excellence deliver services that are significantly higher in quality when compared to those that do not have this ability.

Expected Results

  • Individuals are able to communicate effective and precisely;
  • Team becomes aware that every aspect of their communication is important to create excellent service; Increase in shows of respect and empathy;
  • Team able to retain clients and engage teams;
  • Increased ability of active listening, dealing with crisis and conflicts and mediate them effectively;
  • Ability to say ‘no’ – when absolutely necessary – and, yet, exceed internal and external clients’ expectations;
  • While role-playing situations of complaint or conflict, trainees gain confidence in handling internal and external clients.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Support-Process development for excellent services.
  2. Implantation of effective internal communication tools.


Finding the right people for the right places is a challenge in the current job market, where companies go against each other competing for the best professionals.


Mandarina will train interviewers, delivering a solid interview tool that will increase hiring assertiveness.

Expected Results

  • Standardization of interview quality;
  • Increased objectivity for interviewee evaluation;
  • Elimination of repeated questions asked by different interviewers to the same candidate;
  • More professional hiring process, which is another candidate retainer in a competitive market;
  • Increased interviewer’s confidence concerning his or her final decision about the candidate;
  • Gathering of objective information, which enables previewing how the candidate’s behavior would be when in the company;
  • Reduction of false impressions and misjudgment.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Development of interview processes.
  2. Improvement of interview processes.
  3. Aligning interview processes and performance evaluation to the company culture.
  4. Implementation of an internal hiring process.


Inspired by the work of scholarly authors of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, we will raw parallels among the development of individuals, groups and companies.


The objective of this module is to improve leaders’ ability to engage their employees, through their connection to the company’s purpose and culture.

Expected Results

  • Connection of each employee to the company purpose;
  • Increased engagement;
  • Development in the ability to engage teams;
  • Increased ability to promote connection among team members.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Who we are, where we are, and where we wish to go.
  2. Development of an onboarding process for new employees.
  3. Diagnosis process and action plan for engagement.


Mandarina has proven experience that teams that learn and teach every day grow cohesively and develop rapidly.


Leaders that nurture this kind of environment have the ability to create teams in which everyone practices open communication and understands that one’s growth is everyone’s growth and vice-versa.

Expected Results

  • Demystification of feedback giving and acknowledging that it is essential to every professional’s growth;
  • Increased leaders and employees’ confidence in giving feedback at all levels;
  • Ease to deliver potentially unpleasant messages in a motivating and constructive way;
  • Increased professionalism and promotion of a healthy work environment;
  • Improved relationships among team members;
  • Connection between team members and the company goals and objectives;
  • Increased development of employee skills;
  • Implementation of a succession plan for all levels.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Programs for progressive discipline, recognition and rewards.
  2. Creation of succession planning at all levels.


When employees clearly understand their leader’s expectations regarding the delivery of their work as well as their behavior, the chances of them meeting or even exceeding these expectations increases significantly.


Using the abilities developed during the training ‘Group Development’, leaders will be able to deliver Performance Evaluation reports that are defying, motivating, and facilitate development.

Expected Results

  • Increased commitment to the performance evaluation cycle;
  • Familiarity of evaluators with the evaluation process, its objectives and tools;
  • Confidence in evaluating and delivering the evaluation in a meeting with the employee;
  • Increased ability to deal with the team’s unexpected responses when receiving their evaluation results;
  • Increased employee satisfaction with the evaluation process, as well as engagement in achieving suggested results.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Reviewing of the existing Performance Evaluation process.
  2. Development of a Performance Evaluation process appropriate for the company culture.
  3. Structuring of an internal promotion process.


Like feedback, the progressive discipline process may be crucial to the development of individuals in specific environments.

We believe everyone is able to get it right.


A committed employee will respond positively when the disciplinary process is well conducted. When the employee is not committed, the disciplinary process will give support to a possible dismissal.

Expected Results

  • Demystification of the disciplinary process, and replacement of ‘punishment’ with course correction for the employee’s development;
  • Confidence to apply the disciplinary process;
  • Greater acceptance and support of dismissal processes;
  • Increased control over attitudes that deviate from the company focus.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Implementation of the Progressive Discipline process in the company.
  2. Review of the company’s Progressive Discipline process.


In today’s world, where information travels at a very high speed, managing time has become a great challenge for professionals.


Knowing how to prioritize and neutralize ‘time thieves’ is an ability many wish to develop.

Expected Results

  • Increased sense of priority;
  • Increased efficiency, maintaining or increasing effectiveness;
  • Development of team’s organization regarding his or her own activities;
  • Management of e-mails, files, and electronic information;
  • Higher productivity meetings;
  • Increased ability to manage the team’s time, and teach them to manage their own.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Development of a standardized logic and organization for the company’s electronic files.
  2. Process revision and optimization.


A great leader achieves objectives through the team’s performance and results.


Overloaded, today’s leaders tend to be constantly frustrated by the quality of the work delivered by their teams. However, to what extent is this issue a consequence of their own delegation abilities?

Knowing how to delegate is essential to delivering results, besides being a catalyst for the development of each individual within the team.

Expected Results

  • Awareness of how important it is to know what, when, how and who to delegate to;
  • Better organization when delegating;
  • Approximation of expectations and delivery results;
  • As teams grow, leader has more time to focus on strategic actions;
  • Increased team empowerment;
  • Growth of each individual’s sense of responsibility.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Implementation of a system of rotating responsibilities.
  2. Mentoring programs.
  3. Creation of a ‘Succession Plan’.


High performance teams communicate effectively, analyze and solve problems in groups, as well as transform complaints into solutions, and solutions into concrete actions.


Mandarina provides leadership teams with tools that will make meetings more objective and productive, thus generating effective solutions to problems and challenges.

Expected Results

  • Transform reactive thinking into proactive thinking;
  • Transform complaints into ideas, and ideas into action;
  • Meetings that are both objective and productive;
  • Team involvement in the solving of their own problems;
  • Development of new abilities by performing new tasks;
  • Ideas and solutions become in fact implemented;
  • Growth in the ability to delegate tasks to the leader;
  • As a result, increase in quorum and team involvement in meetings.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Implantation of the Productive Meeting Process.
  2. Development of effective meeting agenda and minutes.


Mandarina specializes in building excellent service at all levels.

In order to stand out through service in today’s world, it is crucial to have tools proven effective facing a client.


During this training, Mandarina will deliver solid tools that allow the delivery of impeccable service and the creation of a cohesive bond with each client.

Expected Results

  • Increased confidence to deal with clients;
  • Motivation to offer the best service to the final client;
  • Broader view of elements that make a difference in the client’s experience;
  • Development of team’s detail obsession;
  • Awakening awareness of subtle details that can transform the client’s experience;
  • Increased ability to deal with crisis and conflictuous situations.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Service Diagnosis.
  2. Development of service or brand standards.
  3. Design of service procedures.
  4. Documentation of existing best practices and procedures.
  5. Development and implementation of supporting tools and processes to better the client’s experience.
  6. Formatting tools that support excellent service.


The day-to-day routine brings a lot of learning to teams and their leaders. Often, we miss the opportunity to improve processes and services simply because we are not able to identify these opportunities.

This learning also allows the improvement of planning, which is essential.


A leader that communicates well, forms cohesive teams, manages well their time, delegates systematically, and is focused on delivering outstanding service. Moreover, this leader is able to organize processes to deliver a state-of-the-art experience to internal and external clients.

Expected Results

  • Ability to plan with pragmatism;
  • Increased motivation to constantly review and readjust planning;
  • Increased ability to transform adversity into opportunities;
  • Awareness of the importance of planning;
  • Increased ability to establish clear goals and responsibilities;
  • Greater capability to organize internal communication process;
  • Established culture of sharing and multiplying best practices.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Development of an Action Plan.
  2. Strategic Planning methodology.
  3. Diagnosis and Action Plan execution follow-up.
  4. Establishment of Innovation and Quality groups.
  5. Process revision and optimization.
  6. Development and implementation of supporting tools and processes to reach excellent results.


Contrary of what most believe, selling is part of the human being’s every day life. We constantly sell our ideas, our image, and our ideals.


This training aims to bring a positive sales attitude to the employees’ awareness, so they can achieve the results the company expects.

Expected Results

  • Demystification of the sales process, showing employees it is also good for the buyer;
  • Ability to sell focusing on the client’s criteria, in a customized emphatic way;
  • Increased ability to come up with options to eventual objections, maintaining the desired culture of service and empathy;
  • Development of a proactive seller’s attitude;
  • Development of clear goals and incentive programs.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Development of Upsell Programs.
  2. Integration between Sales and Operations teams.

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A great leader needs to constantly train the team.


Whether if it is during a convention, meeting, briefing session or even in a classroom, being prepared is fundamental.

Expected Results

  • Better planning skills when preparing for a presentation;
  • Upgraded use of Power Point tools;
  • Greater skills, self-control and confidence while speaking in public;
  • Enhanced ability to interact during participant affirmations and questions;
  • Improved use of audiovisual resources.

Related Consulting Modules

  1. Development of training sessions or speeches for specific events.
  2. Individual training for facilitators and presenters.
  3. Graphic design, high-impact presentations, corporate identity and branding.