Consulting & Training

Mandarina designs theory modules and practical exercises that perfectly fit the needs of our clients and their employees.


During the process of customization, Mandarina considers the company’s line of business, the profiles of each individual, as well as their current challenges, goals and objectives.

Content customization takes place in every step of the process, from creation to the classroom; from choosing images to developing the study material.

Mandarina’s facilitators are experts in addressing topics according to the progress and development of each class.


Mandarina is flexible and willing to create new topics and approaches. We are passionate about creating content and can effortlessly do so at your request.

Haven’t found the topic you are looking for?

Contact us! We will find great pleasure in developing new material to meet your needs whenever we have the depth and experience in the requested theme.


We believe every professional should be exposed to topics that traditionally are restricted to leaders.

Treating an individual as a ‘potential leader’ increases their empowerment, execution performance and engagement. Thus, the importance of customizing all content and offering appropriate language and depth that match each group’s needs.

Preparing the team at all levels is crucial to the ‘succession plan’, in addition to generating maturity, responsibility, and commitment to achieving results.


We offer consulting modules related to the topics addressed in training.

The client knows their business best. That is why we work with four hands to find customized solutions that may in fact be implemented and generate effective results.

Would you like to review your processes?
We implement processes and train your team.

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