I am a firm believer that a person can always learn something and is always able to share something they know when interacting with another person. And this is fascinating. Since the early years of my career, it was obvious to me that one of my strongest passions was to be able to contribute with people development.


When I took my very first Coaching course, I knew I had found something very powerful and the coaching practice became very special in my professional life. To me, it is pure magic to see my clients gain clarity, strength, motivation, and get closer to their wildest dreams and goals, while I have the honour of facilitating this process and sharing with them moments of joy and accomplishment.

I now have several certifications in Coaching, including Life, Executive and Career Coaching. Weather if you wish to be the agent for the change you want to see in the quality of one or more areas of your life, or if you want to excel in a competence that you feel you lack, or if you just want to have clarity of where you want to go with your career, I am here to guide you through this beautiful path.

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