NLP – Partnership with SBPNL


Mandarina meets SBPNL to bring more than 37 years of excellence in NLP training to Canada.

What is NLP?

SBPNL – Brazilian Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, founded by Gilberto Cury in 1981, was responsible for introducing Neurolinguistic Programming to Brazil.

Along these years, SBPNL has become the largest excellence center for NLP in Latin America, leading studies, research and generating innovation in the field.

Thousands of people have participated in NLP training and application courses. The top national and multinational companies in Brazil rely on the SBPNL corporate programs to train their teams .

How SBPNL and Mandarina work

NLP is a science capable of generating transformations that allow for a real evolution of the human behaviour. For us, NLP techniques can only be spread if allied to professional ethics, responsibility and respect. These values permeate all the activities of Mandarina, from the development of courses to the choice of instructors.

SBPNL proposes alternatives to traditional training models, where learning is only theoretical. The courses we offer make learning easy through a dynamic, evolving and transformative process that combines discussions, demonstrations and exercises. The training is pleasant, fun, catered to the profile of each class, and our instructors always look for the best way to present content to each participant.

SBPNL and Mandarina

A lot of what we do at Mandarina is based on NLP’s tools and techniques as they are an important part of our ability to generate change through people.

Mandarina is pleased to announce our partnership with SBPNL, unquestionably one of the best NLP centres in the world, to bring NLP training to Canada.

We are confident that we will be a great benefit to our clients and to our community by offering state of the art NLP training and content.

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