Whenever you need… your size, your timing.

In a connected world, products and services are at risk of turning into commodities. How to differentiate them from their competitors?

In the global village, products and services around the world are within reach of any consumer, at any time, in any space. Searching, comparing and making a purchase decision has become a complex process, surrounded by a great amount of possibilities and variables. The consumer today has more power when deciding, because many more options are readily available….

In this scenario, one of the keys for your company’s success is to create differentials to influence the decision-making process of this new and powerful consumer. From the first glance at your brand, a positive experience in the process of consumption may be the reason why the client will decide spending time and money on your products and services and not on those of your competitors.

You need to “spoil” your client.

Mandarina was created in 2012 to enhance the customer experience within companies of all industries. We do this by transforming the team’s mindset to a people centric and client centric frame. Our model was born from our proficiency in creating state of the art experiences to guests in some of the best hotels in the world.

With decades of experience in developing engaged and accountable teams, Mandarina creates powerful strategies to attract and to build customer loyalty.

We offer consulting, training and coaching on the following fronts:


1-High-End ServicesHave you ever pictured your client having the same  treatment in your company as they would receive at some of the most exclusive hotels in the world?

Mandarina aims to bring to the corporate world the philosophy and the processes that lie behind the “magic” of those hotels. Service excellence is built through small details, and great attitude throughout the process of relationship with the client, from the moment of prospecting to the time loyalty is built.

Service excellence is built through small details and great attitude.


2-Individual DevelopmentMandarina believes that a company’s potential is measured by the sum of its people’s strengths. The same applies to its growth. We understand that each individual has all the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

Mandarina facilitates the development of skills, abilities and attitudes. We use Coaching, amongst other tools, in order to support an individual’s professional and personal growth.


3-Team DevelopmentMandarina recognizes that strong teams work well together and consciously utilize effective communication tools. A strong team will work to develop one another continuously.

We facilitate team coaching, create career and succession plans.


4-Leadership GroomingOutstanding leaders are those who are able to engage their teams in the search for a common goal. They value the individuality of each member of their team, leverage their strengths and foment the development of new skills constantly. Competitive companies hire and promote the right people into the right places, and provide feedback to assure continuous development.

Mandarina grooms and strengthens your leadership team, in addition to partnering up with you to build development strategies, based in these principles.


5-Planning and Start-upsFrom the concept to the strategic planning, from scaling teams to polishing a business plan, from the blue prints to the service flow, from creating a brand to the communication strategy, every detail can make a difference.

Mandarina takes care of every step, from developing the brand, products and services, to creating strategies, and assuring the alignment between goals and execution.

Planning is fundamental for a new business’ success.


6-Intervention in Mature Operations_Mandarina realizes that the world changes by the second. In order to remain competitive in this dynamic environment, even companies with mature operations must always be willing to produce innovation.

Mandarina identifies change opportunities and develops innovation strategies to assure sustainable growth and longevity of your business.

We live in a changing world.