What we do

Whether we work with you on consulting, training or conducting coaching sessions, Mandarina’s goal is to support individuals in transforming themselves, so that they can transform their lives, both personally and professionally.


Mandarina uses a methodology that allows the development of a group vision based on a deep understanding of each individual’s view of the goals to be achieved and the current starting point.

In doing so, we build powerful and easy to implement strategies and action plans and obtain high levels of engagement and sense of accountability.

Mandarina helps you transform challenges into ideas and ideas into concrete action.




Mandarina designs theory modules and practical exercises that perfectly fit the needs of our clients and their teams. During the customization process, Mandarina considers the company’s line of business and team member profiles, as well as current challenges, goals and desired outcomes of the organization.

Content customization takes place in every step of the process, from design to the classroom; from choosing images to developing the study material.

Mandarina’s instructors are experts in addressing topics in alignment with the progress and development of each class.


Mandarina offers open training courses for individuals seeking improvement of their personal and professional skills. From leadership skills to behaviour based training, we offer a wide range of themes.

Brazilian Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – SBPNL

Mandarina brings to Canada the state of the art content that comes from our partnership with SBPNL, a widely recognized organization, which has become the largest NLP centre in Latin America.

Having offered several open training courses for over 37 years in Brazil with the highest levels of approval, SBPNL has informed thousands of individuals and professionals from important national and multi-national corporations in Brazil.

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A fantastic tool to uncover individual and group’s potential and help them access their every resource, Coaching has become a widely adopted development tool both for individuals and corporations.

Mandarina’s Coaching Mission

To generate more growth, self-discovery, emotional intelligence and freedom of choice for our coaching clients, through solid techniques and our dedication to personal development.